Community at our Core

Surrounded by Omaha’s sprawling city-scape, 500-acres of farmland and prairie near the iconic Boys Town Campus went undeveloped until Heartwood Preserve’s vision of transformation met the high expectations of the community.

From the beginning, Heartwood Preserve’s guiding principle has been to create a place for new communities to form, existing ones to grow, and the community at large to thrive.

Led by Omaha-based Applied Underwriters, Heartwood’s team dedicated three years to careful planning and creative design. Under the surface of exciting new places to Live, Work, Shop, and Play are community minded and quality driven innovations from floodwater runoff systems to easement of traffic flow.

With thoughtful consideration to our neighbors and their changing landscape, 80 acres have been preserved for greenspace and a city within a city is emerging, bringing with it new and transformative experiences for every lifestyle and life stage.

Heartwood Inaugural Dedication
September 24, 2019

“We have approached this development with all of the importance and responsibility that the word preserve implies: reverence for nature, proper stewardship of its bounty, and conservation of its beauty. To us, proper development implies respect for the land, and by extension, respect for those with whom we share it.

From its inception, Omaha’s civic and institutional leaders have looked to us to deliver nothing less than a beautiful destination. Omaha has been good to us, from the exceptional talent and commitment of our staff here, to the friendship of the community leaders, the cultural arts community, and businesses across the city. To us at Applied Underwriters, Heartwood Preserve is a way of saying thank you to our friends and colleagues here, our neighbors, staff, and to this great City and State.

Welcome to Heartwood Preserve.”


Steve Menzies
Founder, CEO, and Chairman
Applied Underwriters

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