Trails + Art

Within 80 acres of open space are eight miles of trails that wind throughout the development, along which Heartwood Greenways offer natural beauty as over ten thousand oaks, cottonwood, eastern redbuds, and sumacs change with the seasons.

As visitors traverse the Greenway trails, they will come across water features, monuments, and detention basins. The thoughtful and innovative architecture compliments the grasslands and trees, interacting with the four seasons.

Firepits, picnic areas, and playgrounds invite you deeper in to the Greenways, providing both social hubs and tranquil hideaways.

While undeniably beautiful, Heartwood Greenways are at their core an innovative and artistic system of water detention basins that has a capacity to store an estimated 169 acre-feet of stormwater runoff.  In doing so, the greenway system prevents erosion, detains water, recharges aquifers and provides flood protection to adjacent properties and farmland.

Construction of the Greenway network began in Spring 2019 and is anticipated to be completed in 2021. 

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