Natural Serenity + Social Space

Heartwood Park is 19-acres of environmentally conscious and thoughtfully landscaped greenspace that will serve as an anchor to Heartwood Preserve and the surrounding region. Available to the public, the park will be a centralized location for all things outdoors – from small, intimate gatherings to large, city-wide events.

On the north side of Heartwood Park, the amphitheater features a full band shell and the ability to accommodate upwards of 5,000 spectators for local and nationally recognized performers. In the east, an ice-skating rink makes its home during the colder months.

Vibrant and universally accessible, Heartwood Park will function as both a social space and an essential piece of Heartwood Greenway’s innovative system of water detention basins. Open fields, playgrounds, firepits, and picnic areas are thoughtfully placed throughout the park, giving groups and individuals the option of stopping by or staying for the day.

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