Valmont's coming $50 million headquarters will rise in area some foresee as new downtown of west Omaha

Jul 10, 2019

Born in Nebraska 73 years ago, Valmont Industries has since expanded to 87 sites on six continents and does business in 100 nations.

But the Omaha-based company’s latest planned venture will move its headquarters essentially just across West Dodge Road.

You’ll recognize the soon-to-be-constructed global base in the new Heartwood Preserve by the 23 flags out front representing countries where Valmont has facilities.

You’ll also find parts of the actual headquarters to be Valmont-made — reflecting a product lineup far more wide ranging than the farm irrigation equipment upon which the company was built.

Take the poles flying those flags. They, along with decorative wooden poles dotting the property, will be produced by Valmont. (The company also makes poles for traffic signals, stadium lights, overhead highway signs, cellphone structures and more.)

That artful perforated metal that will cover some exterior walls also is a Valmont brand. The architectural screen’s primary purpose is shade but can be cut into designs.

And those earthy green roofs sprouting native plant life? They’re an extension of the company’s mission to conserve water, says President and Chief Executive Stephen Kaniewski.

“It wasn’t because sustainability became cool that we’re doing that,” Kaniewski said, noting Valmont’s longtime motto: Conserving Resources; Improving Life.

“We want the building to be very representative of conserving resources and improving the life of, in this case, our employees.”

Armed with a fresh CEO (Kaniewski is just the fourth in company history) and more innovations in the pipeline, Valmont is set to begin its next chapter on a 6-acre piece of the Heartwood redevelopment, which some foresee as the new downtown of west Omaha.

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